Jason Vivona

Jason Vivona currently resides in Santa Rosa, CA. He concentrates on creating visual art and music as well as serving as Art Director for WE RIDE AT NIGHT, an art/skateboard company that produces collaborative works with other artists in the form of limited edition skateboards and clothing. Also, Vivona currates WE RIDE AT NIGHT's quarterly group exhibition that showcases the artists that the company collaborates with.

His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries across the United States, Japan and Mexico, such as 111 MINNA in SF, The Museum of New Art in Detroit,New Accident Gallery (Japan), and Vitale Gallery in Florida to name a few. Although mainly in group exhibitions, his work has been featured solo at Syracuse University and Homestar Modern in Portland, OR. among others.

Vivona's work has been published in Juxtapoz, Transworld Skateboarding, WARP, DIW, Skyscraper, RELAX, Portland FunBook 3 and many more.

His newest work is constructed much like that of the abstract expressionists,where a mark is made, and the following mark is a reaction to the initial mark and so on. Vivona, in a sense, abstractly applies an extensive vocabulary of initially identifiable visual elements to create an ever-evolving narrative within the piece. The end result being a completely cohesive, realized quilted image, often laced with curtural reference and satirism.

Vivona directs a portion of his energy to freelance design. In the past he's worked for such companies as Consolidated Skateboards, Fuel TV, Arena Rock Recording Co., Innes Clothing, and Converse. Currently he is producing work for Nike 6.0, Volcom, and Drop City Productions acting as art director and character/set designer for new animated commercials and television programs, partnering up with Adult Swim alum and director of photography, Jeffrey Gardner and writer/photographer, Tod Brilliant.

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